[LMB] (news-chat) "Winterfair Gifts" at Blackstone in July

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Sun Jun 1 03:35:06 BST 2008

>All this audio news having caused me to go poking around Blackstone's  
website, I discover that the novella "Winterfair Gifts" will be  
available as a stand-alone purchase July 1 (or thereabouts.)  There is  
usually a few weeks delay between the physical media becoming available  
and the MP3 download going up, but I presume the latter will be along in  
due course.

>Now I worry that the uninitiated may not realize it  *is* a novella, and 
is *supposed* to be a third of a regular book  long.   Well, I expect 
they will sort it out in due  course.

Ta, L.

Since they give the length in time of the book  along with its description, I 
suppose any new readers will figure it out.   I assume they won't think it's 
an abridged version!

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