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> Am I the only one here who'll admit to enjoying the Dirty Pair? But I'm a
> dirty old man, hee.

I have negative appreciation for it.

> Seriously, though, there's also The Twelve Kingdoms, Tsukikage Ran, Last
> Exile, and somebody has already mentioned all the Studio Ghibli stuff ... 
> I
> particularly enjoyed My Neighbour Totoro.

Doesn't everyone want a Totoro and a Cat Bus around?!!!  (Hmm, I suppose 
there are people who don't. but....)

> It's a little cartoonish (the last fight sequence), but Porco Russo's also
> got a great romance plot (And a female mechanic, high on my list of good 
> points
> in any Anime or TV show!).
> Vince

I've seen about a third to half of  (bah, can;t think of the name of it--it 
doesn;t have Giant Robot, it's  space SF anime, the the characters are the 
members of one or more teams out collecting space garbage....) and will 
eventually watch the rest of it, I liked Crest/Banner of the Stars and wish 
that the Engllish print text translation weren't  in  Really Bad Trendy 
Teenage Jerk Spiek (major disappointment there, the original won the Seiun, 
so I have a diffucult time believing that the translation is accurate to the 
tone...) ... 

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