[LMB] OT: AKICOL PDF transformerbot

Kirsten Edwards carbonelle at juno.com
Mon Jun 2 04:11:34 BST 2008

To everyone who has replied, especially those who contacted me offlist and offered to perform the task for me and e-mail me the results: many thanks, you're wonderfully helpful souls.

I think I'm going to go with the open office option as an MS backup, but thanks to the "print to PDF" option, I discovered that my student copy of Adobe Photoshop will let me do the job as well... So <I>that's</i> covered

Viz Michael B., who I do sincerely thank for taking the trouble to answer my question: Of course you would not ***knowingly*** send to me to any site that included malware/spyware/etc. in it--but that was just the trouble--your post implied that you'd done a google and got a result--not that you knew (from experience or reliable report) that the site was (as you later explained) an honest one, using a small-scale freebie to entice business.

But I truly do lack the knowledge to tell the difference between a real company doing the above, and the scammers playing the shady grey areas--which is why I asked.

My apologies for seeming to doubt your goodwill.

Kirsten (not as 2.0 as she'd like to be) Edwards
"Infantem dormientem non movere"

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