[LMB] Second place's second chance

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 13:40:39 BST 2008

I gave my resignation Tuesday May 27th, but I'll be working even-less- 
part-time until the end of the month, which is incredibly generous of  
me, since I don't get vacation time.

I have the job after all, with the oncologist.

The first choice's husband was in a horrible forklift accident and he  
will be out of work for several months yet, having broken several  
bones. His wife, the first choice, is not able to take any job for  
months yet, so I got an email while I was at BayCon, asking me if I  
were still interested.

My new employer, Dr. Gwen Stritter, is a consulting oncologist  
(specializing in breast cancers and what can follow) and chronic pain  
management/relief, is a patient advocate rather than a clinical  
physician. Her website, strittermed.org, may prove useful to some of  
you, or someone you know.  She is a very compassionate listener and  
researcher--she offers services "beyond the second opinion". Located  
in San Mateo County, California, she deals with patients via email and  
phone.  Her first consultation will be a 2 hour phone call once she  
has received pertinent medical data. What follows depends on the  
case.  She does work on a sliding scale for those whose insurance does  
not cover her services, or for those in a strapped financial  
condition, esp. when it's from fighting with medical costs and  
fruitless searches for a better answer.

I'll admit, a job as a cookbook author's assistant in Los Gatos,  
should I get interviewed, sounds pretty good, even for $15/hr w/no  
raises specified and no idea how long this job would last. That  
commute would be about 15 min., unless the author lives up in the hills.

I start on the 3rd. I will continue working some mornings in Los Altos  
for two weeks. I am not likely to be replaced by a new hire until  
business picks up.


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