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> Am I the only one here who'll admit to enjoying the Dirty Pair? But I'm a 
> dirty old man, hee.

	Um... this is just between us, right?  It won't get out?  'cause I do, 
too (original, not Flash).
	(I have/had an RPG character who was married to *both* of them (at the 
same time, yes), but *not* because he was some kid of Super Macho Guy -- 
it was because he's Fate's favorite whipping boy.  Plus, his particular 
power/skill set made him a good "dampening rod" for the Pair's talent 
for inadvertent massive collateral damage.  So it was kind of a shotgun 

> One of my players was talking up Dirty Pair, I need to borrow it off of him, 
> as we talked about using the 3WA (Welfare Works something Agency, made me 
> think of the Social Welfare Agency from Gunslinger Girls) as an organization when 
> I run Thousand Suns. Plus, they make me think of Gunsmith Cats and Modesty 
> Blaise.

	Gunslinger Girls!  Yes!  Very... sharp-edged, dark and light at the 
same time.  Although a lot of people mistook it for just another 
girls-with-guns series.  Explores a lot of territory with reasonably 
ethical people dealing with the consequences of getting themselves into 
a very un-ethical situation, with the best of intentions.
	Gunsmith Cats is one of my favorite manga, but sadly the one animated 
OAV really fell flat, to me.

> Vince
> Kaylee barreled into Simon and they had to hang on to each other or fall 
> down. Wash hopped down the last two steps. "Simon, my boy, Zoe and I have been 
> meaning to have this little talk, the one where we tie you up and I reason with 
> you, while Zoe just stands there and looks intimidating." He paused, he could 
> not help himself. "She does that so well... Anyway, you have got to stop 
> blindly running off to rescue River, so that we don't have to blindly run after you, 
> to rescue you, too."

	Where's this from?

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