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> >>>>Ok. Dalibor here. Thanks for the answer about 
> laungages!
> How about name for the planet "Haroko"?

"Little Spring" (as in the season)?  Well, I suppose
it's all right.

> Or city by the name  "Comendesey" (When spoken the
> word comendesey if I am 
> not wrong, means on  Japanese language, I am Sorry).

The phrase is 'gomen nasai', sometimes rendered
'gomenasai'.  I'm not sure where you got the 'd'
from... I don't know whether it's such a good name. 
If I was from a city where I was apologising every
time I announced my ethnicity I think I'd change my
residency.  It'll end up being one of those legendary
cities that everyone's from but where nobody lives!


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