[LMB] How Many More "Sharing Knife" Books?

Melanie Ley boxmel at cox.net
Fri Jun 6 04:06:19 BST 2008

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 08:22:10 -0500, you wrote:


	Ed - thank you!  :)

>4.  Horizon (to be published in early 2009)
	Exactly what I wanted to know.  Thanks!

>The Vorkosigan Saga consisting of about 16 books and long stories, detailed
>list below.  This series is future SF

	Not much into future stuff - usually it involves aliens and

>The Chalion series i

	Yes - that's how I got started with Ms. Bujold.  

>Again, welcome!  (If you haven't noticed, some of us <blushes> really like
>Lois's writing and can be a bit evangelistic on occasion.)


	Thanks, again.  


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