[LMB] another color question

Bo Johansson bo at dendarii.com
Sat Jun 7 13:29:30 BST 2008

On 6 Jun 2008 Becca <becca_price at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Are the colors in Dag and Fawn's marriage cords given? I can't
> find my print copy of Beguilement to check, and it's awfully
> hard to look something up on an audiobook.

Probably dark brown, from TSK:B ch. 17:

They took it all back to Nattie's weaving room, where Fawn 
stripped feathers and picked out milkweed seeds, and Nattie set 
out her own chosen mix of fibers: linen for strength, a bit of 
precious purchased cotton brought from south of the Grace River 
for softness and something she called catch, nettle flax for 
shine, all dyed dark with walnut stain.

// Bo Johansson 

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