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> (Becca asked the color of Dag and Fawn's marriage cords)
> I don't have the book here to check, but I would think they would be natural fiber colors, with Fawn's being a bit browner than Dag's (because of the blood).  So a dark beige, and a light brown, maybe? I do remember something about Fawn's being a little darker than Dag's being mentioned.  It hasn't been long since I've read the books.  I think something may have been mentioned about the colors in _Legacy_ (either when they're presented to the patroller chief (I keep coming up with "firebolt" for his name, and I'm sure I would have remembered it if it sounded too much like a Harry Potter broom), or at the council meeting.
> Suzette

Fairbolt Crow? rather than Firebolt?  His wife is Massap, I think, rather than messup, which she surely is not.

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