[LMB] Kung Fu Panda, and yes, this is not OT--SPOILER (teeny) KFP

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Sun Jun 8 05:13:51 BST 2008

Just finished watching KUNG FU PANDA a few hours ago, and during which I had 
a terrible, terrible flash about the way Mark Vorkosigan could have been 
trained...'food will win the war'!

(spoiler, modest)

After the Great Master is finally browbeaten into training Po, a rather 
large panda (ably voiced by Jack Black), he discovers that Po can do 
anything...if there is food involved.

Somehow, I thought of Mark. <G> Once Ser Galen realized that withholding 
food and using it for punishment gained results, he could have also used it 
as a reward. Also, Po, the panda, eats a lot when he's emotionally stressed 

Anyway, it's a funny and gorgeous movie with fewer cliches than most (both 
the Tiger and the Viper are female--in fact, the Viper is the cutest, 
girliest snake I've ever seen, voiced by Lucy Liu, or as we knew her on Ally 
McBeal, Ling the Evil One).

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net
excessiveperky at LJ
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