[LMB] ot question: The Android's Dream

Bill Johnson bill at prezence.com
Mon Jun 9 08:13:40 BST 2008

> This tactic might help: when I had to read 'The Mists
> of Avalon' for senior English (by that time I already
> knew, after numerous attempts with Darkover and her
> contemporary novels, that I loathed MZB's style), I
> went and read a couple of historical Mills&Boons and
> then EE Smith's 'First Lensman' and *then* tackled
> Avalon.  The contrast in quality and characterisation
> let me get over halfway through Avalon before my usual
> reaction to MZB's style hit, and because I was so far
> in I was able to make myself finish the bloody book.
> So I suggest you find/borrow some dreck from
> somewhere, read it, and *then* try 'The Android's
> Dream'; the contrast that is currently working against
> you now should help you then.

I needed this advice reading Pearl Buck in high school in the 80's....

I will remember it in the future (as I go to re-read Alfie Bester (circa

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