[LMB] OT: question: The Android's Dream

Jane Hotchkiss focsle1928 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 18:00:28 BST 2008

  Meg quotes Pete: > What's interesting is the books my relatives thought I would like > when I  was a kid (pre-high school). They included Bambi, Bambi's Children, 
> Penrod, Penrod and Sam, Penrod Jashber (a three in one omnibus), <snip>
I loved Penrod. When I was about his age.

who was once forced to listen to Moby Dick, the audiobook version -- all 27 

  I still love Penrod, particularly the section about the dance at a littler girl's house, and her *aunts*!
  Jane Hotchkiss, finally back on list after her regular isp decided that dendarii.com was spam


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