[LMB] ot question: The Android's Dream

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Tue Jun 10 22:53:13 BST 2008

> I was an English major in University (and for that matter, in graduate
> school): I never noticed it spoiling any literature for me.  If
> anything, it enhanced the appreciation.
> James

Which just goes to show you that what works for one person can decidedly not 
work for another.  Not that, judging from your posts, I'd have expected us 
to react favorably to very many of the same things long before this.

I do much better with most things if they're not forcefed to me, which is 
what most of my college lit classes felt like.

Or maybe it was my professors, not my attitude, although the fact that I 
went to four different institutions of higher learning as an undergrad (for 
logistical, not academic, reasons) seems to argue against that line of 
reasoning.  Surely of all the professors I studied under, *one* of them 
would have been as good at enhancing the study of literature as my high 
school senior English teacher was...

who actually wound up studying almost as much history as lit by graduation 

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