[LMB] ot question: The Android's Dream

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 11 16:51:51 BST 2008

Meg Justus wrote:
> I do much better with most things if they're not forcefed to me, which is 
> what most of my college lit classes felt like.
Well, to be rather blunt, I read to enjoy. To be forced to look for deep 
inner meaning twaddle ruins it. What ever happend to reading something 
to enjoy it. Now if schools had a lit class where they turned you loose 
in a library to read a certain amount of books in the year, more kids 
would enjoy reading. In the same amount of time I was forced to go 
through My Darling My IDIOTIC hamburger, on my own I read probably 20 or 
30 books. If I remember correctly, the fall I was forced to endure that 
drivel on my own I reread the whole Baum original Oz series, a reread of 
Dune, a reread of the Hobbit, I had just gotten Farmer Giles of Ham, 
read several Bram Stokers - IIRC Jewel of the 7 Stars, Dracula [again] 
and some novellas, reread Costains Silver Chalice and Black Rose, 
discovered the Mrs 'Arris series and probably randomized stuff from the 

I do know I had read Red badge of Courage on my own [it was on the 
shelves at home for some reason] and enjoyed it as long as I wasnt 
looking for deep inner twaddle. The instant the teacher started 
dissecting meaning where there really wasnt any [as far as I was 
concerned] he lost me totally.

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