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Elizabeth replied to me...

>> (Though in fairness, I suspect I was probably too young for the book 
>> then,
> Probably. That can be very off-putting. And just being forced to read 
> something when you don't
> want to can be ruinous, at any age.

Absolutely.  Though even as a child, I had eclectic tastes, and enjoyed most 
of the books I read for English classes.  Besides "The Pearl", required 
reading included "Walkabout" by James Vance Marshall, "Pride and Prejudice", 
"Silas Marner", and two Shakespeare plays, "Julius Caesar" and "Othello" - 
not all in one year, I hasten to add, but over five years.  There was also a 
lot of poetry, much of which I got on less well with (Gerard Manly Hopkins, 
ugh), but some of which I loved (W. H. Auden, for one).

And then there were the modern novels for the Leaving Cert, which we didn't 
actually study in class because the teacher didn't like any of them, but 
which I read all of anyway.  I agreed with my teacher's opinion of many of 
them ("The Lord of the Flies" and "The Great Gatsby" are the two I remember 
*really* not getting on with), but I did like "Animal Farm".

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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