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> Jerrie <adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com> wrote:
>>>Micki shares:
>>>I'm getting some Shanna Swendson {is that her name?} and I hope
>>>she's good. Looks fun and silly and light.)
>>Do you mean her fantasy series set in New York?
> Shanna has this to say about her series:
> "Will there be another book in the Katie Chandler series?
> I have one more (at least) planned, and that book is even partially
> written, however, my publisher is declining to publish it at this
> time, and so far, no other publisher wants the fifth book in a series
> started somewhere else. The publisher is concerned that the sales of
> the series are dropping from book to book, so they think if this

It sounds like the author is a victim of computerized "net" ordering, 
wherein each book gets ordered by large chain booksellers in the numbers 
which the previous book had sold in, at the time the forthcoming book got 
announced.... of course, sales are almost always going to be significantly 
less than the number of books the bookseller ordered, so, each time the 
bookseller orders fewer books.  And books that aren't in a store for a 
customer to buy, usually don't sell  (most sales the buyer buys the book off 
the shelf and isn't ordering in advance or ordering something that's not on 
display or is out of stock in the store...)

> pattern continues, the fifth book wouldn't be worth their effort
> (never mind that the first book has a head start and is still selling
> pretty steadily -- it's been making regular appearances on the urban
> fantasy bestseller list here at Amazon -- so the other books would
> have a hard time catching up)."
> More at her Amazon blog, including how to possibly help #5 happen:
> http://www.amazon.com/gp/blog/A3EOABN8I8O595 

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