[LMB] House colors

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 12 17:12:28 BST 2008

> http://colorlab.wickline.org/colorblind/colorlab/
> You can put in any color, then use the simulation controls to see what it would look like.Depending on what his vision problem was, it could have looked like a somewhat tasteful beige/dark mustard brown, or dark beige/grey-brown.  If in fact, that's what was going on (which, looking at the color combinations, would seem to be the case). It does make me feel sorry for the people in the family who are not colorblind, though.
Actually if you pick the main swatch to be red ff0000 and the chartreuse 
to be light spring yellow ccff66, somehow i got the lettering in the red 
to be chartreuse and it makes it look more gold than i remember, one of 
those odd color optical illusions. If you go for light spring green, 
99ff66 it is slightly pale green. 99ff00 spring spring yellow, it is 
just slightly more green.

I rather like this website and am definitely adding it to my bookmarks, 
in case I decide to redo a web page some time soon=)

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