[LMB] Bujold YA

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Thu Jun 12 22:37:12 BST 2008

Just a note...

    I think _The Warrior's Apprentice_ and _The Vor Game_ (or the _Young 
Miles_ omnibus) are perfectly  functional as YA (defined here as high 
school and more mature middle school readers) just as they stand.  They 
aren't going to be packaged and marketed as YA, because they are 
licensed to Baen and Baen has no experience or clout in that sector.  
But I don't see any reason the current editions couldn't be placed in YA 
library and school library sections: they've all been reviewed in VOYA, 
after all.  (And then there are the NESFA Press hardcovers, very 
suitable for library sales.)  Alas, they won't be found in the YA 
promotional material where folks shopping for that sort of thing will be 
looking.  It would be up to individual librarians to obtain them.

    I also think _The Spirit Ring_ could be re-packaged and sold as YA, 
but it has the handicap of being a singleton.

    I'm not sure I'd rely on all those people back when who labeled 
_Falling Free_ as a YA as a pejorative; their understanding of the YA 
market seemed... remote.

    Ta, L.

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