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Fri Jun 13 00:45:05 BST 2008

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008, Ed Burkhead wrote:
> While "Warrior's Apprentice," "The Vor Game" are good Young Adult
> introductions to Miles that I wouldn't hesitate to hand to a lot of boys, my
> daughter (12.5) just isn't getting into WA.
> She likes Miles, but she's not getting interested in the story after they
> arrive in the warring system.
> I do wish I had a non-military Miles book more suitable to give her to get
> her hooked on the VS.

Cetaganda, perhaps? It does have a great many references to Romeo&Juliet.

Alayne McGregor
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"Nothing worth doing is fun all the time. But it's still worth doing all the time."
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