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Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 13 12:05:27 BST 2008

M. Haller Yamada wrote:
> I think this is true problem I have with dark, gloom and doom literature. Life Can Suck? No duh! I knew that as a pre-schooler, jack.
> Perhaps, though, there are many people with charmed lives who are "slumming it."
> But I don't think that's true, either. My husband's grandmother went through a lot of nasty stuff, including the death of a toddler. But she still loved every sensationalized murder on the news, and she loved to dwell over morbid things. (Warning: TMI, possibly) A friend of mine died one August, and she asked me about the condition of the corpse. I just couldn't discuss that sort of thing objectively.
> It's very mysterious to me. I LIKE happy endings. But not everyone does.
> Micki
At the risk of being snided at by another listee for talking about my 
personal experiences on list -

I lost a sister to leukemia when I was very young. At 16 I saw my 
boyfriend get decaptiated in an auto accident. I have been raped twice. 
I have had cancer. I have broken my back and neck in 3 places and I am 
supposed to be dead or a quad. I have had 2 stillbirths. I am currently 
handicapped because of calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease - which 
to be perverse has decided the joints to target are the little tiny ones 
in my feet, so the usual treatment of opening up the joint and scraping 
the crystals out just ain't ever happening. My medication options for 
that are colchine, which I can take for 3 days until the sores start 
forming in my mouth and Indocin, which is best described as not *if* I 
get an ulcer but *when I get* my ulcer. My doc says he can keep me 
mostly walking until I decide the side effects of the meds are worse 
than not walking.

Life sucks. I deal with it.

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