[LMB] OT: Japanese Lesson book (was Decadent?) plus hotmail quoting tip

Suzette Petty suzettepetty at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 15:47:10 BST 2008

Micki wrote: 
>One-point Japanese: there used to be a series called "Power Japanese" published in the late 80s (as you can tell from the title LOL!) or early 90s. I'll have a look on amazon and send you a better list. Should I post it here?
If anyone else is interested, post it to the list. Otherwise, you can send it offlist.   :)  Thanks for the information, Micki (and the additional research time)!
Also (not aimed at Micki, but while I'm thinking of it), for those people who use hotmail, I've noticed that I need to put in a few lines of space (enter key, as it doesn't seem to recognize any formatting in the quoted text) between what I have to say and the quotes to keep hotmail from running my reply into the quoted text.  In case anyone's interested (I hate the way hotmail compacts it all together).  And be extra careful about quoting spoiler spaces.
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