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Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
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At 12:12 PM 6/13/2008, Eric Oppen wrote:
>Just for one example, here-and-now slavery, no matter how mild its  
>practice, is a Great Big HUGE No-No; so a lot of SF/fantasy writers  
>who're stuck for easy-to-hate villains make them slavers, and the Good  
>Guys, of course, are always utterly opposed to slavery, even if  
>they're supposed to come from a culture where it's not unusual and  
>part of the scenery.  I've ranted about this elsewhere---it's often  
>the sign of a lazy writer.

I just recently finished reading the Tor free novel, _Spirit Gate_, by Kate Elliott.  It happens to have a set of societies almost all of which have slavery as a matter of course.  I didn't notice any chattel slavery of the kind that existed in the US, but evidently people just sold their excess children off into slavery.  Thei could be purchased back out of slavery, either by themselves, or by others.  One society, which reads very much like Islamic Arabs, forbids slavery and goes so far as to forbid any slave to enter their homes--but they own no land of their own, and are wanderers.

The point I am making in all of this is that the Good Guys are accepting of slavery and the Bad Guys are evidently just trying to usurp the power in the country in which most of the actions

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