[LMB] OT: computer catastrophe and recovery

Bill Johnson bill at prezence.com
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As a side note to this thread. I saw one for sale in cowlumbus ohio in the
early 90's. It was in a guys garage, he had no idea what it was (took up the
whole garage of course) I can't remember what he wanted for it, but it
wasn't much.

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> > I just bought a two terabyte unit for work for $525. Has anyone else
> ever
> > cold booted a PDP-11 system. First you input a binary paper tape drive
> by
> > hand using a set of sixteen switches in the front panel. That was the
> > program for the paper tape reader. The paper tape loaded the boot
> program
> > for the disk drive that held the operating system.
> Yes, here, as well. Though in my case the OS was also on paper tape,
> so after you loaded the loader you loaded the OS. Punching the tape
> for a new version of the OS was also fun. The cross assembler and
> linker ran on the Amdahl at UMICH in Ann Arbor and then you opened a
> network connection to the paper tape punch on the communications
> computer in East Lansing and copied the file and out it came over a
> 4800 baud phone line between the two universities.
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