[LMB] [SPAM?] OT: computer catastrophe and recovery

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Sat Jun 14 04:26:20 BST 2008

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From: "William A Wenrich" <wawenri at msn.com>

> "Ed Burkhead" wrote:
>>I'm astounded that I can go to the store and buy a TERABYTE of hard drive
>>storage for $450.  Well, it was $450 when I last looked a couple of months
>>ago - it might be less by now.  I first saw a Terabyte of storage in a 30'
>>wall size multi-million dollar unit called the Mass Storage System
> I just bought a two terabyte unit for work for $525. Has anyone else ever
> cold booted a PDP-11 system.

Yes, and I know lots of other people who have done it.

> First you input a binary paper tape drive by

Er, I think you meant program, not drive there, or perhaps meant mounting 
the paper tape into the paper tape drive and toggling in I-forget-what to 
load the information for loading from the paper tape....

Toggling in entire programs on I forgot what IBM minicomputer, was even 

> hand using a set of sixteen switches in the front panel. That was the
> program for the paper tape reader. The paper tape loaded the boot program
> for the disk drive that held the operating system.

Disk drive, there was a disk drive on the one you were running the paper 
tape on??!!  (I remember there being a drum drive on the one I was dealing 

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