[LMB] OT: Shanna Swendson, redux

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> OMGosh, I pulled an all-nighter with books two and three, and read four 
> yesterday (at a moderately slower pace). This is a great combination of 
> fantasy and romance, because Shanna Swendson really seems to *get* fantasy 
> mores. (Although, the fantasy isn't quite at that hysteric, gotta save the 
> world pace yet -- which I kind of like.) And she really gets the 
> romance -- it's my FAVORITE kind of romance, because it's that longing, 
> not-sure-if-it's-requited-or-not.
> SPOILER! (But maybe not too bad -- warning for the extremely sensitive 
> only!)

What are the names of the books, the publisher, and where they're shelved?

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