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From: "Thad Coons" <tocoons at gmail.com>

> Pardon me if this has been asked and answered.
> When Ista conscripts Liss from the courier service to be her groom and 
> lady
> in waiting, Liss mentions that she had been riding courier for about 
> three
> years, and we know she has black hair and wears it in a braid or two.
> Had we seen a glimpse of her before? Because three years before, just 
> as
> Cazaril and the dy Gura brothers were leaving Cardegoss for Valenda on 
> their
> way to Ibra, a young courier girl with black braids was was just 
> riding in.

[No one seems to have answered this, as far as I can tell.]

Yes, according to Herself, that was indeed Liss that Caz & company see 
in CoC.

Dan Tilque 

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