[LMB] [Girl Genius] [OT] Higgs as a Dendarii (was Re: The Unstoppable Higgs!)

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Mon Jun 16 17:10:39 BST 2008

Quoting Dale Friesen <dale at tbug.net>:

> On Jun-15-08, at 10:23 PM, Eric Oppen wrote:
>> Quoting Dana Carson <dcarson at tlrc.com>:
>>> Another reason for Higgs to be modest is that he knows that often the
>>> reward for doing a good job is to be given a harder one.
>> I wonder what would have happened to him if he'd done all those heroic
>> things under the command of Miles Vorkosigan?
> Didn't all the male heroes either die or marry one of Miles's crushes?
> (I'm not including Ty, though I suppose he was technically under Miles
> in the chain of command.)
> Most of the heroes under his command, of course, were actually heroines.
> Dale
Well...you may have a point there.  At the same time, I could see  
Miles (particularly Young-Miles) having a crush on Zeetha.  Mark,  
OTOH, might find Bang compatible, or at least part of the Black Gang  
in his head might...

And, of course, the thought of Agatha and her minions (Zeetha, Gil,  
the Jagers) as guests of the Vorkosigans has all sorts of interesting  
(in the Chinese sense of the term) possibilities.

"GRANDFATHER!  What---are you doing with that WOMAN?"

"You stupid grandson!  This is not just some woman---this is _Mama  
Gkika!_  She's giving me an examination!"

"In what---Advanced Snogging?"

"What would you know about such things?  When I was your age---now go  
'way and leave us alone!"

*Miles faints dead away from shock*

Meanwhile, Krosp is sizing up Zap the Cat, the Jagers are hitting it  
off with the armsmen, and Agatha's happily rebuilding every gadget she  
can get near...

(I'm cross-posting this to the Bujold list so they can see it too.)

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