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> My mother taught my brother and me calligraphy when
> I was about 12 or 13, in 
> the hope that it would improve my brother's
> drunken-spider-fell-in-the-ink 
> handwriting.  He got pretty good at calligraphy (as
> did I), but it didn't 
> have the slightest effect on his everyday
> handwriting, which (nearly 30 
> years later) is still horrible.

I don't know why, exactly (although I believe it may
have been listening to my mother laugh and say proudly
that her handwriting was unreadable, and then her
handing me a shopping list she'd handwritten and
asking me to go to the store) but when I was thirteen
I suddenly decided that I *despised* people who had
indecipherable handwriting and made no effort to fix
it, and immediately resolved that that wasn't going to
be me.  My handwriting was unreadable at thirteen.  At
fourteen I was the person of choice to write cards etc
for presents and such.

I'm now the only one in my family who can identify
everyone else's handwriting ("That's Dad's notebook."
"It is?" "Well, he's the one writing in it.  Where are
we sticking Sis's stuff?" "Over there, why?" "'Cause
this is hers." "You can tell?" "It's her writing.")
and can read 'indecipherable' handwriting .  I don't
know if I'm more irritated by the fact that other
people don't have these skills (I've actually scored
jobs on the fact that I could read the senior
partner's writing!) - or that it was necessary for me
to develop them in the first place.  Just because I
can *read* chicken scratch doesn't make it easy or


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