[LMB] OT School setworks

Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Fri Jun 20 19:57:57 BST 2008

> In my family, if you're lefthanded, you print everything except your 
> signature.  Both my sister and I do this, even though we were taught cursive 
> just like everyone else.  Her writing looks like the old italics font when 
> you switched the typeface ball out on a typewriter.  Mine, well, it's not 
> quite that tidy.  But it is printing.  My other two sisters and my mother 
> (and my father when he was alive) use cursive as a matter of course.
> Then again, when Ann and I were learning how to write as small children, we 
> wrote backwards until corrected, too.
> Megaera 
That reminds me of something that always puzzled me when I read "Phantom of the Opera." The author said the Phantom's handwriting was clumsy and childish; yet he was an architect by profession, in an age when that required exquisite draftsmanship - and lettering. I finally reasoned it out. He must have been left-handed, in an age when teachers always forced lefites to write right-handed. So his handwriting was that of someone using the wrong hand. But he taught himself to draw (with his history, how could he ever have had lessons?) and did that left-handed - and probably when he labeled the diagrams, thought of it as drawing the letters rather that writing per se.


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