[LMB] OT: Stupid Pharmacy

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 23 22:10:16 BST 2008

JenL wrote:
> Eek!  Did they just put the wrong stuff in the bottle, or did they hand you
> a bottle with someone else's name on it?  (Either way, eek, but just curious
> . . . .)
> On 6/23/08, Marilyn Traber <mtraber251 at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> They gave me the wrong drug. I have some poor guys 5 mcg byetta and he
>> probably has mine, which is double that dose.
Byetta is an autoinject preloaded syringe with 60 doses in it [a 30 day 
supply] that you screw a disposable needle into. *Very* convenient. It 
comes in 2 dosages, a 5 microgram and a 10 microgram. Because it can 
have some seriously nasty nausea and digestive issues associated with 
the full dose, they try you out on half a dose for 1 to 3 months to see 
if you can get used to it enough to deal with the nausea. believe me, it 
is chemo grade nausea when it is bad. Unfortunately whenit is combined 
with the meds for my calcium pyrophosphate deposition condition, I can 
spend 3-4 hours trying not to hurl after each dose. It has the oddest 
side effect in me of making me unable to stomach pork in any form except 
reallt small [like one bite] of ham. Just thinking of breakfast sausage 
makes me want to hurl right now and I havent had a dose since before 
dinner last night. Major suckitude because I used to adore pig.

It comes in a cardboard box, which had his name on it, in a paper 
pharmacy bag with my name on it. I am headed over there right now. i 
*seriously* hope they called him and told him not to use it. The hurlage 
would be really nasty if he reacts that way and if I got spiked with the 
wrong med, id be seriously suing level pissed off.

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