[LMB] OT: good YA SF or Fantasy

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Wed Jun 25 03:00:27 BST 2008


Thanks for the head's up on Scalzi's "free" first novel, "Agent to the
Stars."  I really love good, humorous books and cherish the humorous SF.

I've read a number of the "free" e-books offered on Baen publishing's Free
Library and, if I like it, I tend to contribute an amount equivalent to what
they charge for the other books in the series.  If I don't like it, I
usually don't get through the first free book.

I've downloaded "Agent to the Stars" to my Sony Reader and will read it
sometime this summer most likely.


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> Ed Burkhead wrote:
> > Kirsten,
> >
> > Please tell me how you know about "Zoe's Tale" when it's not to be
> > till August 8!
> >
> > I've read and enjoyed Scalzi's other books so I'm favorably inclined
> > getting this one, too.
> >
> >
> And me!
> Scalzi has two novels up as free shareware, for the "the first dose is
> free" crowd.
> I finished "Agent to the Stars" yesterday and I'm about to send him
> rather more than the $1 that his shareware notes ask for.
> Louann

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