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>> I wonder what happened at the Bearford camp - or subsequent
>> Lakewalker get-togethers - as a result of  letters?

Well....  The letter from Dag takes the form of a Patrol Report, which
I'd guess after several hundred or a thousand years of development probably
has a pretty fixed format (thinking of the line in Passage about the well-
worn forms and phrases of a patrol report)...  I figure it's not quite the
rigid format of a government form with blanks to fill in for each type of
item discussed, but not too far off....

>> the one to Fairbolt Crow that may have mentioned that Dag just
>> primed one;
> He's not going to mention *that* in a letter. He was way too far beyond 
> the bounds of propriety when he did that.

I bet he did mention it, sort of:  "Dag trusted Fairbolt, at least, to be
able to read between the lines".  I picture his letter/report looking
something like this:

Patrol report covering DATE1 to DATE2.

    Area covered:  Grace river from Pearl Riffle camp to Crooked Elbow. 
with discussion of what locations along the river were examined on what 
since a report would probably be expected to include such details]

    Patrollers:  Dag Bluefield (coleader), Berry Clearview (coleader), [rest 
boat crew named as well.  Possibly mentioning dates Remo and Barr joined.]

    Other patrols involved:
Capt Ford Chicory's [villageX] patrol, 7 members
Boss Wain's Snapping Turtle patrol, 12-14 members
Boss Greenup's, Boss Slate's, and Boss Fallowfield's patrols of X members 

    Difficulties encountered:
Stuck on sandbar at [somewhere] from DAY#-DAY#.

    Malices encountered:
[Might as well put Crane in this section -- after all, he was killed with a
sharing knife and his role was about as destructive as that of a malice.
Killed by Dag Bluefield with unprimed knife, bone's donor unknown.  Some
discussion of the development level of said "malice" would come here -- not
sessile, no moltings, but had taken at least some farmer mind-slaves 
farmers, anyway).  Here's where he'd put "the lurid events and Crane's evil
history" information, I suppose.  Likely Crane's lack of a sharing knife 
this point due to having had it taken from him when he was banished would
appear somehow.]

    Due shares claimed:
Dag Bluefield [maybe add No-Camp to name here]: one primed sharing knife
(donor of bone unknown, heart's death from Something Crane No-Camp, formerly
of Log Hollow).
Remo X Pearl Riffle: [whatever he got]
Barr X Pearl Riffle: [whatever he got]
Other members of patrol declined their shares.

farmer member of one of the other patrols
Lakewalker string-bound couple, identities unknown; their personal effects
taken to X camp for identification.
Possibly a mention of the large number of farmers killed over the last year.

    [maybe a section identifying who in the patrol currently carries a 

    Addenda [or tactical observations/new information gained or some such]
1. Capt Ford Chicory reports that his patrol played a previously 
role in the Raintree campaign during the summer.  His patrol killed roughly
X mud men; further they discovered that capturing mind-slaved farmers and
carrying them out of the range of the malice's control caused the farmers to
become free of the malice's influences.  [possibly some mention of how this
could be useful for future battles]

2. To avoid beguiling farmers while doing groundwork on them [explanation
follows....]  This is also useful in removing beguilement from already
affected farmers.  It is probably unwise to do this to fully mind-slaved
farmers, however.

At no time does he actually state that he did a public knife dedication, but
it's not that hard to deduce the fact.  He's probably not going to be very
humorous here, but the possibilities if he did want to do so are 
My next picture has Fairbolt and Hoharie having a long discussion about just
where Dag is headed next.  In the realm of speculation, I figure the only 
he can get even more beyond the bounds of propriety is to attempt a group
working.  (He's already been involved in one, albeit rather involuntarily --
the groundlock in Raintree definitely partook of group workingness, and he
did figure out a lot about how it worked.)

Karen Hunt
ps.  Yes, I'm a government employee, and yes, my monthly notes do sometimes
look something like this....

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