[LMB] CO2 - Re: Butter Bugs! Well, almost.... OT:

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu Jun 26 23:54:24 BST 2008

Mark Allums wrote:
> Nick Pilon wrote:
>> Wikipedia disagrees with you. I'd like a more detailed explanation of
>> your reasoning before I accept your statement, as Wikipedia (if
>> accurate) provides a fairly consistent and comprehensive
>> counter-statement.
> Here is an interesting site.  Unfortunately, some of the global warming 
> extremists have attacked it with juvenile (and illegal) 
> denial-of-service attacks.  For one reason or another, they have had to 
> become a pay site, which is sad.  Some of the articles/papers on this 
> site have been quoted elsewhere, you might find them with Google.  I 
> understand if you don't want to pay the five bucks to join.  Some of the 
> papers are free.

Oops!  Here is the link:


Mark Allums

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