[LMB] Butter Bugs! Well, almost....

queenortart queenortart at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 00:20:53 BST 2008

2008/6/27 Richard Macdonald <don_iain at verizon.net>:
> Go to google and search "Africa Wheat Rust" and see what is a major drivver
> of world grain prices. So of course our government in its infinite wisdom
> decides
> to take a major chunk of our grain production for bio fuels at the same time
> that
> as major grain crop failures in Africa and moving into SW Asia.Good
> planning.

Yes - without getting into the forbidden subject - that's the
impression I get from reading the papers and listening to the Archers
on Radio 4 (I think the Archers has been discussed here before, but
it's a long running radio everyday tale of country folk, which has a
agricultural story editor on the staff, and everything I know about
farming comes from the Archers)

There's a big storyline at the moment about bio-digesters, which will
take argicultural and other waste to create energy.


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