[LMB] CO2 - Re: Butter Bugs! Well, almost.... OT:

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Fri Jun 27 03:31:01 BST 2008

Greg Hennessy wrote:
>> I have read, and I believe, and I will look up a reference if necessary, 
>> that CO2 is responsible for about 2% of warming, and water vapor, about 
>> 95%.  Methane, fluorocarbons, and other things, the other 3%.
> Please do look up the reference, I think your numbers aren't even close
> to reality.
> Water vapor causes about 60 percent of the greenhouse
> effect, CO2 about 25 percent. The numbers are uncertain
> enough that you could add or subtract about 10 percentage
> points from either number and I would accept it as reasonable.

Consistent with what I said:

Consistent with what you said:

Mark Allums

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