[LMB] CO2 - Re: Butter Bugs! Well, almost.... OT:

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Fri Jun 27 05:36:25 BST 2008

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From: "Mark Allums" <mark at allums.com>

> Greg Hennessy wrote:
>>> http://www.jerrypournelle.com/view/global.html
>> You dismiss some sources of information as "idiots", and you
>> point me to Jerry Pournelle's web site as a reference????????

Jerry is one of the people who was spouting that heterosexual transmission 
of HIV was a myth, years ago.   As a researcher, he should stick to writing 
science fiction....

>> Does the term "primary source" mean anything to you?
> I am aware of the meaning.  It was not a reference, it was my "starting
> place."  And Russel Seitz is fairly close to a primary source.

Russell Seitz?  If that's who I think it is.... ROFLMAO.

> There are references to be had on the page, if you bother to look at it.

I'll take Curt Covey's research and opinions as more meritorious and 
credible and authoritative. 

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