[LMB] OT: Victoria's tornado

Dalibor Grgelec dalibor.grgelec at zg.t-com.hr
Fri Jun 27 21:43:05 BST 2008

Hy! This is my first mesagge here.
I also regret about tornado, but I am happy to here everiting is good. Was 
the tornado strong? I am hoping that there was no one hurt.
I really think that this year weather was really bad. Here in Croatia we 
have lots of thunder storm with (what is the word for smal pieces of ice 
instead of rain)? Anyway most of crops is destroyed. Hope it will get 
better! By!

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> I'm sorry to hear your area has been hit, but I'm glad to hear you are 
> safe, and your home is fine. Is it pure chance that Bujold fans are in the 
> disaster areas this year, or has the weather been tremendously bad this 
> year? It's not been good here, but it's not disastrous (yet).
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