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I am also glad that I can join you! I read Lois Bujold's book in Croatian 
launguage. Altough we have some boks on English, but it is hard to get it in 
Croatia. Either it is sold out quickly, or there is none in English. My 
first book of Lois Bujold that I read was The Warrior's Apprentice. I hook 
up instantly for their books, especially becaouse I like Sci-Fi. My favorite 
tv show is Star Trek. Lois's book gave me insight about other culture in the 
world, because I think there are a lots of other cultures inside their 
world. From old European culture, like the Imperial society of the old world 
on Barrayar to the new world culture on Beta colony. And all mix-up in one 
story. That is great. Good number of writers try the same thing, but Lois 
Bujold is one of the rear number of writers that have actually make this mix 
work.And I also thinking that when she write her books she put a lot of 
herself in the story, and she like what she is doing. Plus the story is 
great, but it has to be. It is Lois Bujold.
I am sory that I did not make to read the rest of her book's except the 
Vorkosigan saga, because here in Croatia there are no publiushed books, for 
the moment at least, except the Vorkosigan's.
About me.
I am 26 years old, infact my 26 birthday was 2 days ago on June 26.  I work 
as a chef in one restoarant in my town named Velika Gorica (only 15 km from 
Croatia's capital city, Zagreb). I like animals, in fact I have few pets, 
humsters, giney pig and small fishes. Anybody want some? And I like to read 
books. You know who is my favorite writer. I hope someone can tell something 
about Passage, and other Bujold's book that I have not read yet. Thanks! By
P. S. Sorry on my unintential typing errors, English is not the language I 
learn in school.
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> Dalibor asked:
>> Can I know which is your favorite Bujold book?
>> My is ACC. By
> Welcome, Dalibor!  We are glad you can join us.
> Do you read Lois Bujold's books in English or in translation (in what
> language)?
> My favorite book depends a lot on my mood and which ones I have NOT read
> recently.  ACC is, perhaps, my favorite.  It has many wonderful social and
> personal events.  I am sure I've read it twice as many times as any other
> Bujold book.
> But I like all of them.
> When I first read "Mirror Dance" I disliked it.  It was too stressful and
> dark.  On a later re-reading, I found that the bad parts did not hurt as
> much - I had read the book before.  So I could then enjoy all the good 
> parts
> of Mark overcoming his difficulties.
> Cetaganda was too shallow for me the first time I read it.  It just wasn't
> as good as the other books.  But when I read it a second time, then a 
> third
> time, I like it much better.
> Lois packs so much into her books that they are good on many re-readings.
> Please tell us more about yourself and what you like about Lois's books.
> Ed
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