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hi Dalibor, it's good to hear from you. I hope you had a happy birthday. 
Did you know there's a Vorkosigan story that was printed in Croatian even before English? It's called Winterfair Gifts and is in a collection of stories called _Irresistible Forces_, edited by Catherine Asaro. If you've seen it, I bet you got to read it before most of us on the list. 
  The summer I learned to type, I ended up with a horrible rash from poison oak. Since I didn't recognize the plant while pulling weeds in the yard, I didn't wash the sap off right away and I got a rash ALL over my hands. This was such a distraction during typing class that I barely passed. I still try to reread what I type to fix mistakes. 
My name's Kevin, I'm 51, and I live in Indianapolis, a town famous for car racing. Despite my nane, I'm female. My parents liked the name enough to gie it to me, but it's usually a man's name.


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> Hy!
> I am also glad that I can join you! I read Lois Bujold's book in Croatian 
> launguage. Altough we have some boks on English, but it is hard to get it in 
> Croatia. Either it is sold out quickly, or there is none in English. My 
> first book of Lois Bujold that I read was The Warrior's Apprentice. I hook 
> up instantly for their books, especially becaouse I like Sci-Fi. My favorite 
> tv show is Star Trek. Lois's book gave me insight about other culture in the 
> world, because I think there are a lots of other cultures inside their 
> world. From old European culture, like the Imperial society of the old world 
> on Barrayar to the new world culture on Beta colony. And all mix-up in one 
> story. That is great. Good number of writers try the same thing, but Lois 
> Bujold is one of the rear number of writers that have actually make this mix 
> work.And I also thinking that when she write her books she put a lot of 
> herself in the story, and she like what she is doing. Plus the story is 
> great, but it has to be. It is Lois Bujold.
> I am sory that I did not make to read the rest of her book's except the 
> Vorkosigan saga, because here in Croatia there are no publiushed books, for 
> the moment at least, except the Vorkosigan's.
> About me.
> I am 26 years old, infact my 26 birthday was 2 days ago on June 26.  I work 
> as a chef in one restoarant in my town named Velika Gorica (only 15 km from 
> Croatia's capital city, Zagreb). I like animals, in fact I have few pets, 
> humsters, giney pig and small fishes. Anybody want some? And I like to read 
> books. You know who is my favorite writer. I hope someone can tell something 
> about Passage, and other Bujold's book that I have not read yet. Thanks! By
> P. S. Sorry on my unintential typing errors, English is not the language I 
> learn in school.
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>> Dalibor asked:
>>> Can I know which is your favorite Bujold book?
>>> My is ACC. By
>> Welcome, Dalibor!  We are glad you can join us.
>> Do you read Lois Bujold's books in English or in translation (in what
>> language)?
>> My favorite book depends a lot on my mood and which ones I have NOT read
>> recently.  ACC is, perhaps, my favorite.  It has many wonderful social and
>> personal events.  I am sure I've read it twice as many times as any other
>> Bujold book.
>> But I like all of them.
>> When I first read "Mirror Dance" I disliked it.  It was too stressful and
>> dark.  On a later re-reading, I found that the bad parts did not hurt as
>> much - I had read the book before.  So I could then enjoy all the good 
>> parts
>> of Mark overcoming his difficulties.
>> Cetaganda was too shallow for me the first time I read it.  It just wasn't
>> as good as the other books.  But when I read it a second time, then a 
>> third
>> time, I like it much better.
>> Lois packs so much into her books that they are good on many re-readings.
>> Please tell us more about yourself and what you like about Lois's books.
>> Ed
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