[LMB] OT: Srsly

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Sat Jun 28 18:30:32 BST 2008

BJ van Look wrote:
> Ah WebSpeak! What a fun little dialect it's turning out to be. Wonder if they went through this from Chaucer to Shakespeare, too?
> Srsly = Seriously. 
> I've noticed that Webspeak tends to trend toward 
> Acronyms --------- OMG (Oh My Gosh/G*d/Ghu)
> Devowling -------- Srsly (Seriously)
> Numerification --- l8r (Later!)
> I can't wait until the first real investigation of Webspeak or Textspeak as a dialect of English. It's going to be fascinating!
E.g. -- I R srs linguist. Iz srs dissertation topic.

I can haz doctorate nao?

Louann, who finds it weirdly charming.

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