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Thanks for the wishes!
I know what you mean on reading the books on English. I did not know how is 
on English speled the Butter Bugs. Now i know. On Croatian it is "MASLOBUB". 
As a cook I think that sometime it will be really handy to have some at 
work. Trust me! Some of the Bujold's books will be translated soon to 
Croatian, for example the Freefal. (is it correct written?) I hope to herd 
soon. By
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>> Hy!
>> Thanks for encouraging, and wishes, and advise.
> Hi Dalibor! Greetings and welcome from me too!
> My name is Kalina, I'm 27 years old and I am in Ruse, Bulgaria (which
> is on the Danube river, the town, not the country, I mean ;) ).
> We all love Bujold's work here! I started out with the Vorkosigan
> series, but right now I'd read anything by her, indiscriminately.  I
> own some of the books in Bulgarian, although after a while, I realised
> I prefer reading them in English, it's a kind of... well, there are
> things that are hard to translate well, and impossible to translate
> with the full meaning AND simplicity with which the language is used.
> I do hope you get to read the other series too - the Chalion books
> have made it to Bulgarian by now (although, alas, the Sharing Knife
> books haven't) so there is a possibility that they'll get translated
> in Croatian too! :D
> Also, from me a happy birthday too, and many happy returns; and -
> reading and writing are the best ways to learn English! :)
> Greetings,
> Kalina
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