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Ma  Kosti's food seems a lot more European than American to me.
This just strikes me funny.  I'm an unenthusiastic cook born in Ohio  and 
raised in Illinois.  When I married, my repertoire was limited to  coffee, 
Thanksgiving dinner, baking breads and cakes, broiling a steak,  and both spaghetti 
and macaroni and cheese.  Within 2 months, Passover  came and I learned do 
chicken soup with matzoh balls, chopped liver, latkes,  etc.  Somehow I've just 
never thought of Ma Kosti as producing that type of  European food.  
Nora...who still remembers the day of blinding clarity and  brilliance when 
she realized that French Fries were potatoes and could be  cut/produced at 

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