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--- Michael Bauminger <lmblist at mikebomb.com> wrote:

> Jerry may very well have been right. Even UNAIDS is
> now 
> admitting that outside of sub-Saharan Africa, there
> is no 
> threat of a heterosexual AIDS epidemic. 

I disagree completely, on the grounds of sheer

An epidemic is defined as 'an outbreak of disease
having a significantly higher incident rate than
expected', and a pandemic is defined as 'a world-wide
epidemic'.  I would argue that the AIDS virus,
especially since we discovered how it is spread and
methods of prevention, can definitely be defined as a

The rate of heterosexual infection of HIV in developed
countries, where people have access to condoms and
bleach, should be remaining steady and/or falling - it
is RISING.  The number of deaths due to HIV should be
falling - due to the number of new infections, it's
remaining fairly steady.  And it is worldwide.  It's a

I will agree that the previously projected image, of
African villages populated by babies and grandparents,
is unrealistic and justly revised but just because the
outlook isn't quite so dire as it was before doesn't
mean the original problem isn't dire at all.  It is. 
Very much so. 

> This is not to say that AIDS cannot be transmitted 
> heterosexually, because of course it can and often
> is in 
> Africa. However, it seems that the likelihood of
> such 
> transmission outside Africa is very low.

You DO realise that this reads as 'heterosexual
transmission of HIV occurring outside Africa is very
rare', don't you?  Which is provably untrue.  (If it
were true, SE Asia wouldn't have *nearly* the
infection rate it does.)


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