[LMB] Beguilement revisited

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 16:37:11 GMT 2008

On 14/03/2008, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
>  Beguilement revisited : pulling up on the armrests to make the plane fly
> You know... it occurs to me, belatedly, that if I want to f/l/o/g/
> promote Book Three of a series next month, what I really ought to be
> doing this month is promoting Book /One/.  Because most new people are
> going to want to start there (even though I went to some trouble in Vol.
> 3 to recap enough to make the tale at least coherent to a fresh reader
> -- starting with /Passage/ is not what the chef recommends, mind you,
> but it should be quite doable.)

Connected to this, is the MMPB of "Legacy" due out at the same time as
the HB of "Passage"? That's the edition which I'm actually buying for
myself, as opposed to persuading the LIbrary to buy the HB.

On a not-quite-related note, do you (Lois) do "online signings"?
Another favourite author of mine, Jim Butcher, has these arrangements
with online bookshops where he signs so many copies and we can get
them shipped: I've bought the last two of his "Dresden Files" series
that way, and they accept customised dedications via PayPal. I think
there's actually a couple of sellers doing it this time, it started
with Dog-Eared books a year or two back and it's working a treat for


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