[LMB] OT: Minor question - athiesm, untheism, agnosticism

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Wed Mar 19 23:28:41 GMT 2008

*waves* Well hello there! I'm so unused to having my faith brought up
in any list conversation, here or elsewhere, that I feel compelled to
jump in and tell you that I'm UU. *grin* If you have any questions on
what it's like... just ask and I'll do what I can to answer, if
there's anything :) Sorry for top posting, using WAP.

On 19/03/2008, Ed Burkhead <edburkhead at insightbb.com> wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >> However, I am an athiest, and have been since I was at least 12.
> >
> > Perhaps a-theist is too strong a word.  But I am not one of
> > those kind who hates all religion, and thinks Christianity is
> > evil and poisonous and responsible for all the misery in the
> > world.  I'm not one of those guys. . . .
> Mark,
> In my college "Religion in Human Culture" course (taught by a representative
> from each religion discussed), they defined the words more or less this way:
> Atheist - actively against or having antipathy toward religion
> Untheist - having no religion
> Agnostic - just don't know but leaving the possibilities open
> I'm in the agnostic camp and "the don't think a personal god is likely"
> subset.
> Being somewhat weird, I find the universe improbable.  Somedays, I find it
> hard to "believe in" the universe and existence. [Fascinating!]  Perhaps the
> equivalent of the Hee Chee created it or perhaps it's a "Disney" for the
> entertainment of roll-playing gamers.  I surely don't know.
> Last year, I looked into the Unitarian Universalist "religion" and found it
> to be a group I could be comfortable joining (though I haven't).  Based on
> what I read, I'd expect that most agnostics and untheists could be
> comfortable there and maybe some atheists, too.  It seems that many
> Unitarian Universalist members are also members of more traditional
> religions, not all of them Christian.  I got the impression of a
> philosophical society.
> http://www.uua.org/visitors/index.shtml
> Ed
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