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[LMB] Anime
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 >>>>> (sorry, cut and paste, me an my 'puter and AoL are having issues!)

You MUST watch:  (snip assorted recs)

***  For the goofiest ever, yet strangely compelling:  Kyo Kara Maoh.  
OMG, Conrad's a-a-a-rm!!!

Excellent all-round, but dark:  Fullmetal Alchemist   Col. Roy Mustang 
was my favorite character.

A very nice ( brilliant animation) historical-contemporary fantasy blend 
(which you can do when you have reincarnation) :  Otogi Zoshi   I liked 
this one a lot, despite certain plot flaws.

And now for something completely different:  Fruits Basket    Shy 
Japanese high school girl heroine.

Guilty pleasure:  Mirage of Blaze.  It's like canonical slash.

Contemporary Japan:  Hikaru no Go  I adored the Heian Go-master 
ghost/geek, Sai.

Best ever quasi-historical I've yet seen, if you can find it:  
Saiunkoku.  Young girl makes good -- by her brains! -- in a land 
resembling ancient China.  Excellent on every level.

The adventures of a Goth girl to whom all fans can relate:  Wallflower.  
*Seriously* surreal.

*Everything* by Studio Ghibli

Edo-period historical, with hip-hop (and it works) :  Samurai Champloo.

Heian again:  Shonen Onmyoji, but there only seem to be 2 discs 
available, very frustrating.

Contemporary -- a fan club in a regional Japanese college,  Genshiken   
Wonderfully observed characterization.

Ta, L.  (Who has learned way too much about all this lately.  I blame 

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