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> In three universes we have three red horses and two of them are crazy mean!
> Fat Ninny, of course, is the exact opposite of Demon and Copperhead, but all
> three are at extremes of, AFAIK, horse behavior. Between universes,
> Watsonian explanations are out, so is there a Doyleist one?
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> William A. Wenrich
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> no other. God help me!

Well, how often is the devil potrayed as red/scarlet, the flames of h*ll, etc, a horse with a nasty temper might be described as 'mean as the devil himself' or some such. Rats, now I want to go reread some Walter Farley, there's a red horse named Satan in there somewhere I think, as well as Flame.

Come to think of it, it seems that gray horses are frequently described as calm or placid. Related to the gray Percherons used in circuses, or wherever, and big&muscular=kinda slow.

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