[LMB] Komarr Question

D Echelbarger bujoldjunkie at tds.net
Sun Oct 5 23:30:20 BST 2008

Claire Nollet <cnollet at gmail.com> wrote:
>>re your observation about people retaining the same personality after a head
>>injury -- I've noticed it's the same with dementia.  If they were a mean
>>S.O.B. when they were sane, they're still a jerk when they get demented.  If
>>they were sweetie-pie before the head injury/dementia/whatever, they pretty
>>much stay easy to get along with.

quietann wrote:
> One of my uncles went against this trend (he had a brain tumor,
> though, and any dementia was a function of that.)  He went from being
> an awful, mean, abusive, POS to extremely sweet and happy. 

People with head injuries do often have personality changes, if the medical record I've read are 
anything to go by.  Not all of them, but more than not.  And it can go any number of ways--someone 
who was impatient and irritable suddenly becoming downright zen, or a social butterfly turning into 
an asocial hermit, or...

Diane E

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