[LMB] Illyan

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 17:01:04 BST 2008

Re: Do you think it was awkward for Illyan to promote people above Captain
when he maintained that rank throughout his career (imagine an entire
generation of Imp Sec officers stuck at lieutenant level)?

I think Illyan, emulating Captain Negri, is simply Above Such Things. His
rank is completely immaterial, as his pay grade is presumably not linked to
it, and his authority is absolute anyway, over everyone on the planet except
Gregor (well, ish!), Aral, and Cordelia (and, of course, Miles when at a
distance...)  I rather like the fact that he's a 'mere' captain, I think it
facilitates his famous "fading into the background" routine. I can imagine
him being totally bland about conferring promotions on his subordinates,
since, even if they are a 5-star general (or higher!) they remain, always,
his subordinates.


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