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> I think too many people assume that Illyan's "captain" rank was an
> army-equivalent of captain.
> There's text evidence that Barrayar uses some mix of these ranks in a
> I've never seen published.  I don't think Lois has elucidated it enough
> figure it out.  It may be that officers slip back and forth between
> depending on whether their current job is in the army or navy mode.
> *I* think that Negri's and Illyan's rank of captain was in the navy
> tradition.  That puts his on-the-books rank at something just one step
> admiral.

Ooooooooooh ! Run away, it's the rank thread again !

Illyan was promoted from Lieutenant to Commander to Captain so he's navy
track with captain= (army) colonel.

Lois hath said that the back and forth depending on post held does happen.

See my and other's posts in the archives, search "Vice-admiral" should find
them all but note my suggestion that Aral's single military (army+navy) may
have removed some ranks so text evidence from Cordelia's Honor (SoH+B)
isn't evidence of the current rules, ie no lieutenant-commanders to be seen
in tVG or after but there are majors.

Little Egret

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